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Client Portfolio Stratification 

Client Revenue Scale: 

35% - $10M< $99M

23% - $100M to $499M 

15% - $500M to $999M 

19% - $1B to $10B
08% - $20B plus 

Employee Sizes 

Organizations with 100 to 20,000 employees.


Organization Ownership Structures

Equal representation for 

  • Publicly owned

  • Private Founder owned

  • Private Equity, both backed and owned

Large Non-Profit experience 

Organization Stages/Executive Enhancements:

35% Fast Growth Environments Behaviors

55% Next Stage of Revenue Growth Profiles

21% Leadership Business Transformation Roles

10% Established Position Replacements    

Executive Placements by Leadership Profile

12% CEO & Board

47% Revenue growth executive roles

         (i.e., GM, Pres. CMO, BD, Sales)

41% Other corporate & divisional roles

         (i.e., COOs CFOs, CIOs, CHROs, VP Supply Chain)                    


Technology enabled services placements by Industry served

33% Healthcare B2B and B2B2C

35% Technology & B2B2C Services


Other Industries served

12% Financial Services                                

13% Diversified Manufacturing                 

  7% Life Sciences/Pharma                         

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