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Executive Resources

Executive Blueprint provides a variety of professional tools that support career development.  These tools are either proprietary ​to Executive Blueprint or we work in conjunction with trusted partners to bring their very established tools to our clients and candidates.   


Please note: If you are a candidate (current or past) that has participated in a Executive Blueprint search, these below services are offered at a discounted rate. Let us know what search (role/client if known) when you request any of the solutions.  

Executive Blueprint Career Advisement Program Offerings:

EB Executive Resume Messaging 

This is our proprietary resume support offering specifically designed to meet the needs of C-Level candidates. Our team of veteran corporate & professional services executives, work with the executive one on one to analyze and identify the areas that are most important to his/her career objectives and ensure that the messaging is clear, compelling and on target. For more information click here.

EB Executive Market Preparation

A bespoke plan underpinned by a proven methodology which provides the necessary support and structure to this critical career initiative. The module is designed to provide a holistic approach with the unique requirements of the executive in mind. This may include developing a marketing and strategic targeting plan, preparing the executive to fully develop and access their network and recruiter discussions, interview assessments for phone, VC and face-to-face and other aspects of market readiness and deployment such as, attitudinal aspects and behaviors to support one’s leadership advancement efforts. For more information click here.

Leadership Snapshot

In partnership with CoreShift™, we have developed a tool that is an effective indicator of how an individual tends to "show up" in a variety of professional settings including interviewing, peer-to-peer engagement, and leading others within organizations.  It is a great primer to the more extensive ELI (below) assessment. This is a complimentary report for our EB executive community. If you would like to take this brief online assessment, click here​.

Energy Leadership Index™ (ELI)

E.L.I. is a one-of-a-kind assessment that enables leaders to hold up a mirror to their perceptions, attitudes, behaviors and overall leadership capabilities. Since this is not personality based (i.e., DiSC, Meyers Briggs, etc.) and instead attitudinal, the E.L.I. assessment provides a baseline for the executives’ current level of awareness, performance, and effectiveness. For more information click here.

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