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Performance Overview

Fulfillment [External vs. Internal]

  • 96% placement rate (compared to the industry average of 60%). The balance of those external assignments resulted in internal candidates selected for the position or assignments were cancelled due to a business event.


Executive Placement Progression & Longevity

  • 83% of the executive placements have maintained their current position level in the senior management team. 

  • Placements consistently exceed the national average tenure of 3 years. 



  • Consistently achieved above average diversity candidate finalist slate and placements, even when diversity was not a selected emphasis by client.


Client Performance – Post Placements

  • 42% of the companies had their revenues grow on an average of 110% after the executives were placed...20% of companies were acquired and or had successful ownership change....33% maintained and/or grew steadily.....5% other.

Recognized Business Brands Represented

  • 43% of the assignments were representing recognized industry related or sector known brands. 27% were recognized Global Brands. The balance of portfolio are fast growth businesses.

Customer Satisfaction Rating

  • Customer Satisfaction scores were consistently above national large firm average of 82%, reflecting a mean of 91.3% and a median of 91% score.

  • Please also review Client Testimonies section.


Trusted Source

  • A single search at senior levels at a given point in time is the norm for the executive level search business model, however historically consistent repeat client business within short term development growth periods and over longer growth cycles, spanning from 2 to 14 searches a client. 

Executive Profiles placed specific to Business Situation and Position Requirements

  • 38%-Experienced business transformation and change agent profiles

  • 52%-P&L acumen and revenue growth backgrounds

  • 10%-Executive level specialist

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