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Executive Search Client Data Points

Developing the Search Strategy – Data gathering & overview

Organization Information:

           [Sources for information: Business Plans & Decks for Investors; Marketing Summaries]

  • Company Information – Brand Offering

  • Ownership Structure

  • Org Structure - Matrix?

  • Business Model: B2B, B2C, B2B2C  

  • Competitors

  • Differentiators

  • Any ‘off limits’ Companies/Foundation/Donors?

  • Revenues/’burn rate’/Margins

  • Is the company profitable?

  • Number of employees in organization:

  • HQ location:

  • Job Location: 

  • Domestic & Global aspects to role


Position & Org Information:

  • Org Chart

  • Reports to (Name/Title) or Hiring Manager

  • Job Title (Level/Functional Area)

  • Reporting to Position

  • Number of peers (titles/positions)

  • New Role or Existing Why is there a vacancy?

  • Duties & Responsibilities (existing position specification?)

  • Budget? P&L?

  • Part of which grouping, division, unit?

  • Compensation (Base/Bonus/Equity Other –Performance Opportunities):

  • Benefits (LTIP, 401k, Auto, Executive Packages, Vacation schedule, Other):


Environment & Culture:

  • Why work here?

  • What does the market say about your organization? Glassdoor ranking?

  • Define Leadership & Management Styles

  • What is the draw and/or career track for this position?

  • Significant metrics, KPIs or other numeric business factors to consider: such as Travel? (what % and to where/type/length)

  • Is it a blended role and What has been the history of position and filling it?


Interview/search process:

  • Is it Confidential?

  • Who will be involved, input on role and to interview - in what order; and what are their backgrounds?


Hiring Manager:

  • What are you like as a manager/leader? 

  • Do like complimentary or similar skills sets and behaviors?

  • What does this person have to accomplish in the first year?

  • What will this person have been doing in the last five years?


Qualifications/MUST HAVES, include key criteria version, such as:

  • Degree/credentials

  • Industry, Skills or Specialization background

  • Leadership Style/personality traits – To best fit in the environment or change

  • Specific prior professional experience in order of need 3-4 points: i.e. transformation, turnaround, IPO etc.



  • Do you prefer to see a slate of candidates in a close time frame or as they come up in the process?

  • What is the best time for scheduled telephonic updates


Additional Information:

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