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Client Satisfaction Survey Responses

  • “I was pleased that the lead consultant, Peter Santora, stayed personally involved throughout the search. A lot of times, in searches like this, it goes to some junior person. He stayed personally involved the whole time. He was very responsive and understood the feedback that we were giving him and he adjusted the search accordingly.” 

  • “Once I met the consultant, Peter Santora, I knew that he could help me. He came through on this search and exceeded my expectations. His personal involvement and responsiveness were excellent; I like the way he works. Peter did a great job and we finished this search in record time.” 

  • “Peter was very experienced, responsive, and a good listener. He made me feel that this was the most important search. He also had a good sense of humor. It was expected to be hard search. However, he found some really good candidates for us, including the candidate that we hired.” 

Client Testimonies 

  • “I have been in the business for thirty years and this was the best placement of a candidate that I have ever experienced. The success of this assignment in all respects goes to Peter Santora, he was outstanding.” 

  • “Why we were successful was that was that Peter Santora knew how to sell us, he made the difference....I’m not saying that, the candidates did.” [Comment to the Board by the CEO] 

  • “My wife said what did the recruiter have to say, I told her he is no recruiter, he is a career strategist!” [Executive Candidate] 

  • “The CMO and Sales Executive are exceptional hires. Couldn’t be more pleased.” [CEO -Financial Services after 6 months] 

Sampling of Clients